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Generally in schools timetable are created manually i.e. handwritten. However, if the required timetable is very large then it is very difficult to manage it manually which leads to almost certain mistakes such as allotment of two subjects to a teacher at the same time or allotment of more than one class at the same time, etc. Thus, generating timetables manually is erroneous. Manually generation of timetables is cumbersome and error-prone due to the following reasons:

a) The Human Factor.
b) In case of a large event list, manually checking which ones have been scheduled and which ones are yet to be scheduled increases the probability of errors.
c) Many-to-one or One-to-many clashes may remain undetected and unresolved.

A Software Solution would render all these problems obsolete errors to a large degree.

a) A Software is less-faulty than a human.
b) Probability of errors remains very less even in the case of large event lists.
c) Our properly designed software utilizes algorithms to handle clashes during the timetable generation phase, leaving the user with the simple task of data entry.

  • Conflict Control prevention of clashes between teachers and duplicate periods
  • User can allot two or more teachers in a same class for e.g ( Biology / Maths ) in higher classes.
  • Two or more classes can be attended by a single teacher ( 8th A English period is combined with 8th B )
  • Teachers can be allow to allotted in fixed periods for e.g class teacher should always alloted first period
  • Conditional allotment of periods for principal / part time teachers i.e. allow to be free in 1st and 5th periods
  • Restrict any subjects which shouldn’t occur at certain periods while timetable allotment for e.g subjects like games, dance, drawing, practical etc., should not be allotted at 1st period
  • Facility of auto arrangements for abseentism
  • Section wise timetable reports will be generated and export in excel format if required
  • Teacher wise reports is also available
  • Timetable/Reports are available in two formats i.e virtual and permanent. Every report when first time generated will be virtual report and user can convert it anytime to permanent if the timetable generated suits as per school/teacher convenience, then any further changes will result in virtual report without effecting permanent timetable, so school basically have two timetable report one is permanent and other is virtual which can be use to try more possibilities
  • Manual adjustments can be made after auto generation of timetable
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Accurate and result oriented
  • Make better & faster decisions
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • Payment Can Be Done After Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Will Be Upgraded Without Any Extra Cost

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We are providing Timetable generator software and school management erp software for schools in both online and offline mode. Right now our services of school manangement erp software is limited to following states and cities of India i.e Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Uttarakhand Dehradun West Bengal Kolkata Tamil Nadu Chennai Telangana Hyderabad Tripura Agartala Punjab Chandigarh Rajasthan Jaipur Sikkim Gangtok Mizoram Aizawl Nagaland Kohima Orissa Bhubaneswar Manipur Imphal Meghalaya Shillong Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Maharashtra Mumbai Karnataka Bengaluru Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar Jharkhand Ranchi Haryana Chandigarh Himachal Pradesh Shimla Goa Panaji Gujarat Gandhinagar Bihar Patna Chhattisgarh Raipur Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar Assam Dispur Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Dehradun, Almora, Haridwar, Ranikhet, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Nainital, Barkot, Haldwani, Roorkee, Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Srinagar, Tehri, Pauri, Kotdwara, Pithoragarh, Karanprayag, Joshimath, Gopeshwar, Saharanpur, Bhimtal, Chamoli Ghaziabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Agra, Varanasi, Meerut, Allahabad, Moradabad, Aligarh, Gorakhpur, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Muzaffarnagar, Mathura, Hardoi, Modinagar, Lakhimpur, Banda and Bijnor. We are continue in growing and expanding ourselve and we would like to provide services in other state and cities of India also.

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